Pam Bradley: Founder/Designer

The Jewellery Parlour - Vintage, Handmade & New Jewellery, Morecambe

Before founding The Jewellery Parlour, Pam worked as an admin assistant, clerical officer, office manager; in fact in most posts within the admin sector and in businesses as diverse as energy companies to wildlife charities.

Throughout this time, though, Pam had a passion and enthusiasm for the creative; from knitting and tailoring to making jam and most importantly, jewellery.

Jewellery is Pam’s great passion, and it is with this passion that she created The Jewellery Parlour.

Creativity is at the heart of Pam’s vision for The Jewellery Parlour, whether this is designing and creating unique items of jewellery or sourcing new and interesting jewellery to add to the collection.

Pam loves the mix of the old and new, combining new pieces of jewellery with the charming individuality of the vintage and the unique designs of the handmade.

Pam loves the fact that with vintage jewellery you can really express your individuality. She also takes this theme into her handmade designs, making each piece totally unique, and never making the same design twice.

Our ethos at The Jewellery Parlour is that jewellery should have a timeless feel to it and should not be simply driven by today’s throwaway trend. We aim to provide our customers with items of jewellery that have long lasting interest and value, ensuring that they will want to keep them forever.

Pam Bradley The Jewellery Parlour Founder and Designer


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